Why using content marketing for your art will help you boost your online presence

Why using content marketing for your art will help you boost your online presence

Selling art and promoting your artist persona is one of the most tricky things to do. Where do you start? Content is a way to advertise your art without anyone feeling it pushed their way.
So, how can you provide valuable content for your target audience? In this article, we will give you some tips & tricks, as well as tell you why content marketing is so important!

Why content marketing?

To put it simply, content marketing will promote your art business, put you on your target audience’s radar, while you create both valuable and engaging content for your audience. By posting articles, videos, images etc. you can inform fans about your thoughts.
This is a valuable way of promoting yourself because not only will you create word of mouth for your art, you also build up credibility, an emotional connection and an online presence. Have you read our previous article about why you should start blogging as an artist? We talk a lot more about why it’s important and you might need to get a better understanding of the value of content marketing by reading it.  


What can you do?

Anything that goes from using social media pages to building a website counts as content marketing, but in order to create more of a visibility, you need to be active. That’s why starting a blog and posting regularly, as well as a vlog is a good plan. Do you want to get more tricks about blogging for artists? We wrote an article that talks in depth about blogging for artists!
Blogging is not the only important factor in this if you want to give a glimpse into your life as an artist, use social media. Using social media to talk about your art, is in many ways an opportunity because it’s a way to market your art business without being too aggressive.
Moreover, these platforms allow you to share the blog posts that you are writing so that they get more reach! Creating videos and photos that promote your art career, is a smart move. In these videos, you can talk about the different blog topics, show your latest struggles, teach your latest techniques etc. The list goes on and on, you can explore podcasts, newsletters etc. the online world is your limit.


How will content marketing help me?

Where do you go to when you have a question that no one knows about? Google! That is one of the main reasons why content marketing will put you on the map. If you type in visual artist in Google and you’re only on the 20th page, chances are very likely that people won’t be able to find you. By posting persistently and on a tight schedule you will boost your online presence so that you can even make it perhaps to the first page. How you can make sure that your Google ranking will go up is something that we are going to write about later!


Final thoughts

Content marketing is not only important to reach out to your fan base, but also to attract new followers. With posting regularly you can keep your target audience up-to-date about latest involvements and new fans will find it easier to find your pages. So, make sure to keep active with whatever type of content marketing you do, everything in this world is an opportunity for you as an artist! Grab it with both hands!
Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to start with content marketing right away to boost your online presence, and even might help you to get more opportunities as a whole. If the whole process is giving you a headache, or you feel like you could use some assistance in crafting catchy and engaging content, you can reach out to us here.
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