We're currently working with

White Walls

White Walls is a Romanian progressive metal act. Cerulean Midnight is assisting White Walls by handling the band’s online presence, doing social media management, content creation and PR.

Resolution 13

Resolution 13 is an industrial metal band from Finland. Cerulean Midnight is assisting the band by handling its online presence, doing social media management, content creation and PR.


Infirmum is a Finnish Doom Metal Band. Cerulean Midnight is assisting the band with its EP release as well as graphic design/photography services. 

Current partners

Rich Hinks Productions

Rich Hinks Productions Logo

Rich Hinks is currently the bass player of legendary thrash metal act Annihilator and progressive metal band Aeon Zen. Apart from that he is also a seasoned professional when it comes down to recording and producing records. We’ve teamed up with Rich Hinks Productions to provide you the best producing, mixing and mastering service for your upcoming release! Any customer of ours can count on great deals.

Rock Monsters

Rock Monsters is a Romanian webzine specialized in reviews and interviews for rock/metal bands. The amazing Rock Monsters team will help spread the word about Cerulean Midnight’s clients in Romania! 

Vault Lab Recordings

We have partnered up with Vault Lab Recordings, a heavy metal/Rock/Indie Boutique label based in Italy. Vault lab recordings can take care of your release, promotion, PR and distribution. 

Moonlight Productions

Together with Moonlight productions, we offer a basic album release package that includes digital distribution to all platforms, marketing and PR. Contact us for more information. 

Previous Clients


Dyecrest is a melodic metal band from Finland. We created the lyric video for “The Stage Is Set”, taken from the album ”Are you not entertained?’ which made it to the finnish charts.





Musicalypse.net is an international webzine specialised in reviews, interviews and photography for metal bands. The Musicalypse website layout had a lot of bugs that we helped fix. You can see the new version here


JTP Media

JTP Media is a photographer and videographer based in Helsinki, Finland. We are helping JTP Media with social media management. 

De Lirium's Order

De Lirium’s Order is a technical death metal band from Finland, who are releasing their new album march 2019. Cerulean Midnight handled DLO’s album release, social media management and content creation. 

Dead Rose Garden tattoo&art


Dead Rose Garden tattoo&art is a tattoo studio from Helsinki, featuring talented artists specialised in a variety of styles. Cerulean Midnight is taking care of the studio’s social media management. 



Keoma is a progressive metal act from Helsinki, Finland. We helped the band with a consistent content strategy for their social media channels.