Promoting an album: 6 tips

Promoting an album: 6 tips

Promoting an album can be a tedious challenge when you are not sure what steps there are to take in the process. Here are six tips to guide you during your album release!

1.Organising a pre-sale with limited edition items

The first step in promoting your upcoming album, is setting up a pre-order. This is an order placed for your album before its actual release date. Pre-orders allow you to guarantee immediate shipment on release date to your fans. Sometimes fans might need an incentive to order the album beforehand, Children Of Bodom included a figurine of their famous reaper in the pre-order of their latest album “Hexed”, a nice collectable for fans!
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2. Tease the audience by releasing singles

Another great way to promote your album is to release one or two singles before the actual release date. Together with the singles you can put out a music video or a lyric video. It’s a great way to get the fans excited about the album, but also reaching out to a new audience. It’s important to consider what songs are representative enough of the album, but in the same manner appeal to a broad audience. Make sure to include a call-to-action with the video that leads back to the pre-sale of the album. Our client, De Lirium’s Order released the first single of their album 3 months prior to the release date of their album. We helped them create a lyric video for the single. Watch it here:

3. Strategising on social media

Social Media nowadays has taken a central role in promoting albums, it should be a huge part in your strategy. For every platform that you use, you need a different strategy. The most important thing, however, is that it needs some thought. Spamming people continuously about the idea that you will release an album, for example, is not a good idea. Think about it this way, if you are interested in someone you wouldn’t propose to them the day after you met them – that’s… Intense. There’s a process that goes behind it, consisting out of a lot of dates, getting to know each other and potentially in the future maybe getting married. It’s the same for your album. The fans need to get acquainted first to it, before they can commit to it. You need to warm them up to the idea that this will become their new favorite album in a strategic manner!

4. Reaching out to media

Part of warming up your audience is spreading the news around. By creating an electronic press kit that includes your biography, the press releases and, of course, the album, you can reach out to radio stations, bloggers, podcasts, booking agents and many more. These are still very effective ways to promote your music to new audiences. For example, there are a ton of niched blogs out there who write reviews and conduct interviews to your potential fan base.

5. Creating merch

Plenty of music lovers, have a closet full of merchandising of their favorite artists. Designing merchandising that will help you promote your album, is a very important step in creating a buzz. We recently wrote an article that gives you some great examples and ideas of what you could sell as merch. Check it out here.

6. Celebrating your album release

After you have done all these steps into promoting your upcoming album, a great way to introduce your newest baby is to organize an album release show for the fans. This is a great way to test out what songs work in a live setting, but also might get you some new fans. I can’t stress out enough how important playing live shows is for a band to grow, this is one of the most effective ways to grow as a band, reach more heights and get more opportunities for the band.

Final Thoughts

With these tips on mind, you will be able to have a successful album release! There are plenty of other things that you can do accompanied with these pointers. If you feel that you could use an extra set of hands to help you during the release, make sure that you explore our blog, we have a lot of insightful articles about what you can do to promote yourselves as a band!

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