Here is a collection of my favorite work to date and a bit of background about the scope of the services presented here


I have written a variety of texts ranging from press releases, social media posts, blog posts and more. Check out some of my work below: 


My photography journey started when I was 16 and my parents gifted me my first DSLR camera. I practiced with self-portraits and then at 19 I moved up to modelling photography. I have worked with countless models, tattoo artists, musicians and all other types of creatives. I prefer working in natural light but have experience in a studio environment as well as indoors if needed. The gallery below is a mix of some of my recent favorites spanning band promo shoots and modelling photography in different environments, all client assignments.
After a few years I started dabbling in concert photography and it is by far one of the most fun services I offer! Here are some examples of some of my favorite shots, taken for my webzine Metaloud.com (not client assignments)   

Web design

Web design has been a passion of mine for a few years now! It all started with a few basic HTML lines of code, after which I had a couple of courses for this and CSS. As the years progressed, being a very hands-on person, I decided to do my own websites for my webzine and then got pretty decent and started offering it as a paid service. I’m also familiar with Wix and have basic WooCommerce knowledge. Below is a preview of some websites I worked on in different capacities, apart from this one you are currently visiting, which has been fully designed by me. (click on the logo/banner to go to the website)


My webzine for which I do concert photography. Website fully designed by me.

JTP Media

Website for professional photographer Janne Pappila, fully designed by me.


White Walls

Website for progressive metal band White Walls, fully designed by me.

Dead Rose Garden

Website for tattoo studio Dead Rose Garden, revamped by me.

TE3 Mobility

Website for TE3 Mobility, a tech meets fitness company, focused on helping with body mobility issues. Here I revamped a few pages as well as handled some WooCommerce tasks.