Online promotion for the busy artist

Online promotion for the busy artist

Ever felt like days need more than 24 hours? Or at least like you could do with an extra pair of eyes or hands? With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s very easy to get swallowed by a variety of external factors and forget to promote your work out there. This poses a problem for creatives of all kinds, ranging from the part-time artists who might have a dayjob to full-timers who are trying to juggle entrepreneurship/freelancing with everything else life throws their way. This article is meant to help simplify your life and offer you something most of us really need more of: time.

Create social media material in bulk/Schedule your posts in advance

This is a 2-in-1 for social media, sort of like a Christmas offer, and, the way we see it, one of the best tips out there! Think of it this way, would you rather allocate small moments every day to creating your social media content, or one day a month in which you can take care of it and then be done with it? If your answer was pointing towards door number 2, this is something you should totally consider trying. There’s a variety of apps out there like Canva which help make your dream visuals for social media come to life, and once you’re done with that, you can try out Hootsuite or Later to schedule your posts across Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

Use your little free time wisely

Stuck in a traffic jam on your way home in the bus? Why not check out your business pages and see how they are performing? Being active is very important for social media websites like Instagram and Twitter and, since you’re bored anyway, why not use this opportunity to interact with your followers, leave some love towards your artist friends, or simply check out what your role model has been up to lately online.

Create a website with strong SEO and let it do the work for you

Pretty self explanatory, but it seems nowadays many of our artist friends forget about having a website to showcase their portfolios. The best incentive is that it’s easier than it has ever been to make a pretty, easy to customise website and not have to give your kidney to buy it (unless you want to, of course). You can make it so that once a month as you’re scheduling posts for social media, you also take a look at your website and update your portfolio with the right tags to help with your SEO. This way, for the rest of the month, the website will do the work for you + it’s a professional way to show interested people your portfolio.

Emulate your artistic role models

We are not saying to copy anyone’s work, but it does work wonders to research how your role models are promoting themselves online, where are they active and how often, how does their website look like and what information does it include? After all, their day also has 24 hours so they must be doing things right.

Outsource your online presence

This leads me to the last point, which really is about practicality. If you find that no matter what you do you still do not find the time, or you don’t like/care for these things, and you have the possibility to, why not outsource your online presence? There are plenty of people or agencies (hint: like us) whose job is to assist others with their branding needs online and to make sure they have a cohesive look across all platforms.


So let’s recap: the day still only has just 24 hours, but if you plan your presence carefully and do things in bulk, do a bit of research, use your spare time wisely and allow your website to work for you, things might feel like less of a hassle. And, worst case scenario, we’re here for you in case you want to outsource your online presence, just contact us through the form on our landing page.
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