5 Important Marketing Trends For The New Year (2019): Part 1

5 Important Marketing Trends For The New Year (2019): Part 1

Now that the new year is around the corner, it’s time to provide you with some insights into the marketing trends for 2019. We have each selected 5 important items that will take a central position for marketing for artists in 2019. Be sure to check out our second installment of this post as well! Happy holidays!

Influencer marketing for artists

Influencers are not just used anymore for brands, now they have also reached the entertainment industry. Influencers can talk or write about your exhibition, event or even about your music and thus raising more awareness about your artist persona.
Here are some examples of reaction videos:

Spotify playlists for bands

End of September 2018, Spotify announced a new beta feature of the platform that enables independent artists to upload their music to Spotify – directly from Spotify for Artists. This has also made it easier for artists to pitch their music to the Spotify curated playlists, which reach millions of people every day. This is an important factor in every music marketing plan in 2019.


What 2018 had taught us is that the experience of the audience has been taken a more central role in marketing. Think about the engagement features that were recently introduced in Instagram Stories, such as questions, polls etc. Artists can now ask their audience direct questions concerning what their audience would like to see more from them? This will take an even more important place in 2019.
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Facebook down, Instagram up

With Facebook consistently changing their algorithms, Instagram is nowadays the platform to pay attention to as an artist. This is the platform where you will be able to reach most people with. Facebook has decided to prioritize only “meaningful interactions”, mostly updates from friends and family while limiting content from brands and publishers.
This also means that your pages will not be getting the reach they used to. Luckily, Instagram has noticed this and introduced some great new features, it will become an even better tool to boost your artist persona in 2019.

Image result for instagram vs facebook

Long-form content

Some brands have found that even though attention spans continue to shrink, the audience actually sometimes seem to enjoy increasing the length and scope of marketing efforts.  As a result, long-form content will get more and more attention during 2019.

One example of engaging and emotional content is REI (the outdoor apparel and equipment company). They have made several spectacular grassroots videos and campaigns. One of the most notable ones is their “Paul’s Boots” video.

This is also something artists have done in the past, think about Nightwish’s Imaginaerum movie from 2012, but will gain more importance in 2019.

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