How to use the quarantine time to grow your artistic brand

How to use the quarantine time to grow your artistic brand

The world is in a scary place with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and most self-employed artists are finding themselves in a terribly tight spot: orders are put on hold, events are cancelled, businesses are closing. It’s an unfortunate situation to be in, which is why we thought about writing this article. Since we’re all stuck indoors for a while, why not make the best of this time, and grow your artistic brand? Here’s our suggestions:

Learn Something

We can all benefit from learning something, whether it’s a new skill or improving an existing one, there is always room to do better and grow as creatives. Here’s some interesting options for this:
  • If you really want to go all in, here’s a very handy link to 450 Ivy League courses available online FOR FREE!
  • Are you a fan of museums? There’s quite a few virtual tours you can take without having to physically be there.
  • If you prefer an auditory experience, Audible has a plethora of options for you: free podcasts, audiobooks in any fields and a cheap subscription.
  • We would be remiss to not mention our blog as well if you are looking for some practical Marketing and PR tips and tricks
  • Working on your side hobbies is also something you can do

Get inspired by other artists

Creativity breeds creativity and this is why looking at what other artists are doing and allowing their work to inspire us is never time wasted! Here’s some ways to get inspired:
  • If you love discovering new music you probably have a Spotify subscription and are aware of the awesome playlist opportunities that the algorithm generates. Another really amazing platform, where musicians get a bit more of an income is Bandcamp. Bandcamp is really great because you can pay as much as you’d like. Even cooler, tomorrow (20th of March), Bandcamp will waive its artist fees to help struggling musicians during this troubling time. This means that the full amount donated will go in the pocket of the creatives you are supporting!
  • Interacting with fellow artists is another great way to get inspired! Whether you found someone whose work blows you away or talking to your fellow creative friends this is a great time to let your imagination roam free!
  • Do a trade-off (remotely of course): does someone have a skill you covet? Talk to them about a trade off in which you teach each-other something the other person wants to learn!

Reconnect with your audience

  • Check up on your followers and see how they are doing as well! Showing you care about them will only strengthen your bond!
  • Play around with social media and try out different kinds of posts. Experiment and perhaps you will discover a new way to do business that is more beneficial when things go back to normal.


Last but not least, don’t forget to rest. Most of us are so busy doing the job of 3 different people trying to keep our creative business afloat that we forget to take some time for ourselves. This is not the best situation to be in, but it may turn out to be beneficial in allowing us (and the planet) to take a breather from the daily grind.

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