How to use Instagram stories to interact with your fans.

How to use Instagram stories to interact with your fans.

A couple of years ago Instagram introduced stories to its userbase. For many businesses this was an important way to improve marketing strategies, it’s an easy way to communicate and grab the attention of any business’ audience. Many bands leave this excellent opportunity to engage with your fans aside, as they focus a lot more on the actual content, here are some tips to use if you’d like to start using the stories more.

News updates

The great thing about the Instagram stories is that everyone has a chance to see them, while as due to the algorithm changes, it might not even be likely for all of your audience to see your posts. That’s why whenever you post an important news update, make sure you also share the same update (using different content) for your stories. This will keep people up-to-date about your band, and that they won’t miss any news updates!

Sharing excerpts of music videos

Whenever you have released a new music video, you can share fragments of the new music video in the stories, this is an easy way to grab people’s attention. Unfortunately, smaller profiles don’t have the possibility to add the swipe up feature, but luckily you can link the video in the bio and tell your fans to check it out.

Organizing a take-over

Organizing a take-over is usually a lot of fun, this means that one of the band members or crew members can post 24 hours on your stories. It can be about anything, just following a day in the life of, or showing your travel experiences during the tour.

Ask Me Anything

Organizing an ask me anything has become really easy with the question tab that you can now add to Instagram stories. Let all your fans ask you questions, the only thing you have to do is answer them!


You can easily ask for your fans’ opinions by doing a poll, ask them which song they prefer? You can also make polls to see what kind of content they prefer to see. Anything goes really. Make sure you publish the result and thank your fans!

Resharing gig photos and videos

Whenever your fans post a gig photo or a video of you, you can add it to your stories. This will make them feel included in your story, and it gives the other fans an idea of what your performance looked like and the right atmosphere.

Final thoughts

With Instagram stories, it’s really easy to keep your following in tune, but also engage and connect with them. The possibilities are endless, and since Instagram stories are more accessible sometimes than the actual content, a lot of people will actually see your story! Remember, it’s not about the number of followers you have, but the quality of your followers.
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