How to promote your music on Spotify: Part 2

How to promote your music on Spotify: Part 2

While contacting booking agents, labels, venue promoters, etc. you realized that your monthly Spotify activity is too low. You have less than 100 listeners, and to be able to get somewhere, you need a lot more. But how do you promote your music on Spotify? Sit back, relax, and read further to get some more tips and tricks to help you get your Spotify back on track.
Also check out the first part of this article, where you will find some additional tips on how to promote your music on Spotify.

Release singles, and EPs in between albums

Part of the reason why your monthly listeners’ rate might be dropping is because of the lack of new material. This is why it becomes important to regularly release something. So while waiting for an album, why not release a couple of singles, followed by an EP (that includes these singles, as well as some previously unreleased tracks)? An example of that is the Dutch symphonic metal act Epica, who since the release of their last album “The Holographic Principle” in 2016, have released a couple of EPs (“The Solace System” and “Epica vs. Attack On Titan”, and special editions of albums (“Design Your Universe Golden Edition”) before releasing a new album.

Get a featured artist to play on your track

Collaborating with other musicians helps in promoting your music on Spotify. One benefit is that if you create a playlist that has music from the featured artist, he or she can do the same with their music on which you are featured on. This will allow you to reach a bigger audience because you also get to reach another artist’s fanbase. Your music gets exposed to new listeners who have a predisposition to like your music based on the positive association that you have with your collaborative artist. A recent collaboration worth to check out is Ozzy Osbourne with Post Malone.

Get on Spotify Playlists

One way of getting a release picked up by a popular playlist is identifying the playlists that best fit your release, and pitching to the curators themselves. The more playlists your track is featured on, the more streams, and the more chance it gets to reach an Editorial Playlist.

Spotify Ads

Ad Studio lets you create audio ads of 30 seconds or less, listened to by users of the free Spotify app.  With Ad Studio you can build an audio ad campaign in less than 10 minutes, create a new audio ad from scratch, forecast impression estimates based on your target audience, and track and manage all your campaign reporting. Check out the Ad Studio here.

Final thoughts

These are some tips and tricks that might help you to promote your Spotify account to the masses. There are plenty more things you could do, but for now, focus on these couple of things, and don’t forget to check out the first part of this series!
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