From around the web: 5 magically inspirational IG feeds

From around the web: 5 magically inspirational IG feeds

Do you feel in need of a bit of magic and inspiration in your life? Look no further, we got you covered! As visual artists there’s very little we love more than beautifully curated IG feeds. Add to that a dose of uniqueness and a touch of supernatural and we’re in love! Here are 10 of our favourite feeds that you really need to see!


Mara (known as Psychara) is not only one of the nicest people around but she also has the most amazing and witchy feed. Using herself as a canvas she is a master at depicting powerful imagery and her vision is really unique! Below is a preview of her profile, but we urge you to give her a follow here:

Lillian Liu

A fineart photographer, Lillian is a master at making fairytales come to life and making her photos look like paintings. Her IG feed is the perfect escape from reality and showcases a different form of beauty, more otherworldly. Below is a preview of her profile, but her photos are best viewed on a bigger screen, you can find them here:


MyWitchery is one of the most talented headpiece brands out there, with items ranging from witchy to gothic, alternative and downright taken from the most magical stories! Their feed is primarily curated to showcase either client photos or promotional photos with their pieces, and it is beautiful! Below is a preview of their profile, but you simply must check out the whole thing here:


Minja Cvetković is a Serbian model, influencer and brand ambassador for British Retro. Her feed represents a unique take on modern pin-up mixed in with pastel tones, glam and a lot of magic. Her profile always makes us smile and we know it will please your eyes too:

Marianna Insomnia

Marianna is an absolutely amazing photographer who combines gothic fairytales with masterful color toning and beautiful landscapes. She has a real flare for bringing stories to life and her photos never cease to impress us. You can see a sneak peek of her profile below but you must check out the whole thing here:
What do you think, what’s your favourite feed? Let us know in the comments, and show us yours!
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