From around the web: 22 witty marketing photos

From around the web: 22 witty marketing photos

We’ve been doing a lot of talking in our posts so to take a break, we want to introduce the ‘From around the web’ series. For this particular series, we aimed to create posts that focus not only on visuals but will also hopefully create some emotion whether it makes you smile, think ‘hmm..interesting..’ or even learn something. Below is a collection of our favourite 22 witty marketing photos found around the world.


From the TV show Prison Break

That’s one easy way to vet through potential applicants

This one certainly paints a picture

Translation: It’s big/grand to be small

Vanish definitely knows how to do a targeted ad

Great ad about drunk driving!

A bit sad but definitely also funny

We love a photo of a good boy!

The Economist gets big props for this metaphor

Nothing like a bit of ketchup to enrich one’s life

Don’t know about you, but this one made us want to check the website! Sadly it does not seem to be active anymore.

Definitely our favourite ad from the bunch! from Metamucil

Translation: see clearer for cheaper

Even the Hulk gets hurt sometimes

Very smart usage of nighttime reflective materials

Well since it’s free..

Sabina knows her target audience very well!

Not the best moment to stand out!

We might need one of those bags for our next time going grocery shopping..

How cool that everything has the same colors!

Thank you Colgate for the concern

Mmm..french fry vampire with ketchup!

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