From around the web: 10 Examples of great Music Promotion

From around the web: 10 Examples of great Music Promotion

Time for a lighter topic. These are 10 music marketing campaigns that will make you smile from around the web. 

Behemoth’s God = Dog Food



Behemoth launched a campaign about dog food, based on their prior released music video for the song “God = Dog”.


Rammstein’s tour teaser

Image result for rammstein #gebtfeinacht

Image result for rammstein #gebtfeinacht

The German industrial metal act projected their logo onto walls across various European cities alongside illustrations of a large sports stadium from that particular city or country. Each projection, accompanied by the hashtag #GebtFeinAcht indicated a tour stop in that particular country, or city.


Iron Maiden’s games

Image result for iron maiden speed of light gameImage result for iron maiden legacy of the beast game

In order to promote their album “Book Of Souls”, Iron Maiden launched an 8-bit game called Speed Of Light. The game was retro and fun. They did a similar thing to support their Legacy Of The Beast tour. Now there a game with the same title where you battle as Eddie in his many forms across amazing worlds inspired by Iron Maiden’s rich imagery and music.

Check the games out here:

Home 1


Sabaton’s game

Image result for the swedish empire game

In order to support their 2012 release “Carolus Rex” Sabaton launched their “The Swedish Empire” Game where you can conquer the world.
Play the game here:


Avicii’s Instagram “Stories”

Image result for avicii instagram stories

To promote his new album “Stories”, Avicii created Instagram pages and linked them with a “choose your own” narrative. Each page had nine images to create a larger whole, by clicking the links on the binary options on each page, you ended up with different results – one for all the tracks on the album.


Stone Roses

Image result for stone roses poster manchester

Stone Roses, the indie act from Manchester, teased their reformation in 2015 with a series of posters. The white posters with the famous lemon image from their self-titled album appeared in their home city Manchester to announce that the band would be reforming for a tour and releasing a new single.


Wu-Tang Clan

Related image

In 2014 the hiphop act Wu-Tang Clan released a double concept album “The Wu – One Upon A Time IN The Shaolin”, there was only one copy of the album and it toured art galleries. In order to listen to the  album, fans had to visit one of the stops in the galleries on its tour. Once the tour ended it sold for approximately $5m making it the most expensive piece of music ever sold.

Arcade Fire

Image result for arcade fire reflektor graffiti

To promote their 2013 release ‘Reflektor’ Arcade Fire mobilised a team of graffiti artists from around the world to spray the album’s title.


Katy Perry

Image result for katy perry discoballs

To publicize the release of the lead single from her 2017 album “Witness” Katy Perry’s team chained disco balls near global landmarks. Fans could hear the single via headphones beside the ball.

Michael Jackson

Image result for michael jackson statue history

To raise awareness for his new album ‘HIStory’, in 1995 Michael Jackson floated a humongous effigy of himself down the Thames. The stunt reportedly cost a cool $30m.
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