Featured artist: Jay Ray

Featured artist: Jay Ray

We have been writing all sorts of blog posts about all things marketing, tips, tricks, life hacks etc. Earlier this year we started to have a closer look at some artists who we think you should check out!
For our second installment, we picked out the Finnish solo musician and producer Joni Säde, known under his artist name JAY RAY. For over a decade now, he has been working on his music and honing down his skills in recording, sound mixing, etc. along the way. He has been building up quite a fan base through his open communication with his followers and very on point cover songs besides original work and collabs.
In 2017 he finally released his debut album, which he recorded, mixed, produced and released all by himself, featuring a track with guest vocalist Marko Saaresto of the popular Finnish band POETS OF THE FALL. As a DIY musician who wants his art to be brought in the world as he wants it to be, he seemed to be a really interesting character to ask a couple of questions.
Taken by Jonna Verscheure @ “Self-Resonance” release gig (2017)

Tell us a bit about yourself as an artist, what sort of projects have you been involved in?

Hello. I’m a producer and a solo artist from Finland. My artist name is Jay Ray. In the beginning I started out making remixes and I’ve been collaborating on songs with several artists but this is and will be my only full time project.

What brought you into the world of music?

I’ve been interested in music as long as I can remember and dreamt that one day I could make a living of it. In 2010 I started to take it more seriously. I had been playing with many different bands but in 2012 I decided to start working as a solo artist.

Is there a record or song that changed your life as a musician?

I’d have to say Linkin Park “Hybrid Theory” is the album that changed my life. I’ll always keep coming back to it, there’s just not a single bad song on it. Nowadays it’s pretty rare to find an album like that, at least for me.

What was the most inspirational encounter you’ve had as a musician?

Working with different musicians always broadens my horizon but when I had the chance to work with Poets of the Fall that got me thinking differently about a lot of things. They really inspired me to try harder.

What are 5 songs that are always present in your playlist?

Linkin ParkLost in the Echo
Linkin ParkPoints of Authority
StarsetDie For You
Bring Me The HorizonThrone

What are 5 things your life would be empty without?

Family, friends, music, spending time in the nature and healthy food.

In the present state of the industry, how do you try to convince people to check your work out? Or communicate with your fans?

Nowadays it’s not an easy task to get your music across and as an independent artist it’s twice as hard. We do this with very limited resources but I would never put out anything half-decent. I’ve come this far by myself and I would hope people recognize the integrity I try to maintain and the perseverance it takes to be an underdog in this business. All in all, I trust people will always gravitate towards good music.

Taken by Jonna Verscheure @ “Self-Resonance” release gig (2017)
Connect with JAY RAY here:
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