Featured Artist: Janne Pappila/JTP Media

Featured Artist: Janne Pappila/JTP Media

Model is Nea
Continuing our Featured Artists interviews, this week we’d like to introduce you to a very talented photographer, Janne Pappila the owner of JTP Media! Janne is a jack of all trades who has experience in all kinds of photography and videography ranging from funeral photography to drone videos and everything in between.

Tell us a bit about yourself as a photographer, what sort of projects have you been involved in?

I started photography by buying a used Canon 400D as just something fun to do in 2011. It sort of got out of hand and, a month later, I was shooting Iron Maiden for Inferno Magazine @ the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki.
I’ve done almost every possible type of photography. And that is what I want to be, a camera chameleon. I would get bored easily if it was just one or two types of shooting. I also do video so I’m like a modern one man band with cameras!
Promo photo taken for Providental Hammaslääkärit

Is there a piece of art (visual or auditory) that changed your life upon discovering it?

I have to say, the most influential piece of art in my life has been actually the band Iron Maiden! I used to play guitar and their music made me want to learn to play. The next 20 years I was getting more into being a musician and because of that, the first type of photography I was doing was band gigs. As far as visual art, I think overall movies have been a huge influence for me. Can’t think of a single movie that stands out as life changing.

What has been the most inspirational moment that has happened to you as a photographer?

Oh boy… SOOO many moments. First time I shot for a major publication (The band Whitesnake for Inferno magazine) or the first festival I went to, Sonisphere 2011, for Stalker Magazine. Also, one of my first big jobs with my own company (JTP Media) was being a photographer for a popular Finnish stand up comedian. Doing a photoshoot with the model Dani Divine also stands out, etc. Having trouble putting a single moment over the others!
Modelling photography
Model is Pauliina

What has been your favourite photoshoot and why?

My favorite photoshoots are the ones where I am working with friends and familiar people in a stress free environment filled with inspiration and good people!

If you could pick only one of your photos to show to the world as a defining piece of your artistry which one would you pick?

Impossible to choose. I don’t have favorites. These change with time and I am trying to constantly evolve into a better photographer. Doing documentary photography is my favorite style where I can just document reality as is and don’t have to direct anyone to be different than what they really are. I enjoy being able to show everyone in their best possible natural state.
Wedding photography

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