Featured artist: Elisabet Waris

Featured artist: Elisabet Waris

We’re really happy to have had an increase in Featured Artists lately as we really want to showcase some amazing creatives that we look up to! This week we’d like to introduce you to tattoo artist and blackwork magician Elisabet Waris. Elisabet works at the popular Finnish studio Krunikan Leima.

Tell us a little bit about your go-to tattoo style and how you ended up specializing in it?

I’d describe my style as dark illustrative tattoos or blackwork since I mainly work by using black ink only and tend to focus on darker themes when drawing the designs. When I first began to learn tattooing I started to design pieces that combined bold and fine lines with dotwork – probably because I have always loved drawing with markers so it felt natural to transfer that style to skin too. Of course my mentors were teaching me everything from using colors to black and gray shading but I quickly realized how much I loved creating all kinds of textures and shapes with solid black. After doing my first art commissions I was asked to do tattoos in similar style and enjoyed it so much I ended up specializing in it.

What has been the strangest tattoo request you have ever received?

Oh no, how could I answer honestly without getting this reported? Well most of the “great” ideas my friends and coworkers get are pretty strange, including a chest tattoo with two beautiful chickadees holding a banner that says ‘great tits’. I love tattooing birds but declined that request.

Is there a piece of art (visual or auditory) that changed your life upon discovering it?

Definitely is! I’m constantly being inspired by art, music and books so it would be impossible to choose one specific piece over the others. Off the top of my head Aaron Horkey’s work made a deep impact on me a few years ago when I was working on an illustration and having a terrible art block. My colleague showed me some of his work for inspiration and I was blown away – his work is truly phenomenal.

If you could watch one movie for the rest of your life what would it be?

To be honest I’m not a big movie or a TV person although I have some favorites and enjoy talking about films and series – especially with people who are really passionate about them. If this question was about series I’d say Twin Peaks in a heartbeat but when it comes to movies I really don’t know. At the moment I’m thinking about rewatching The Prestige and some other Christopher Nolan’s movies.
Photographer: Arche Photo
Necklace: Eero Hintsanen
MUA: Mira Luhtala

What are the 5 things your life would be empty without?

This is probably a really generic answer but I couldn’t live without nature, my loved ones, art in all it’s forms, travelling and bad jokes. In the end it’s the simplest things that make us happy.

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