Featured Artist: Anton Trubin

Featured Artist: Anton Trubin

We have been writing all sorts of blog posts about all things marketing, tips, tricks, life hacks etc. Earlier this year we started to have a closer look at some artists who we think you should check out! This time around we asked Anton Trubin of HYPEROMM some questions.

What was the most random thing that ever inspired one of your songs?

Inspiration is a very mysterious thing. I just start burning with desire to do something – to write a song, to draw an image. I do not often think about how that desire is born. I think it is almost always random things. For example, I’ve listened to a podcast with one musician and he said a funny word. In Russian, it sounds like “aladinshina”. He talked about oriental metal songs and meant that they sound like a soundtrack for Aladdin and the majority oriental metal bands don’t take history and myths seriously. I thought “Hey, I could compose a song like that, I have no idea about orient, but I like how oriental music sounds “. That’s how the song Patala came to life.

What artist would people be most surprised to hear you listen to?

Based on my music, you can guess my favorite genre is metal. It is true, but in the top 5 of my favorite artists you can find French electronic band Daft Punk. I love every track from them. 4 albums and every album is perfect in its own way. They are extraordinary. I listen to non-metal music a lot. Also did a cover of Ukrainian pop artist Ivan Dorn not as a joke, as I really love his songs. I also like some Russian rap artists like Oxxxymiron, NoizeMC, etc. 

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Oh, that’s a very difficult question. Our world is in balance, and one rash decision can destroy everything. It seems that the right one like no wars or no drugs could lead to an imbalance. But one thing doesn’t leave me cold. If I could change something in our world I would make serious childhood illnesses disappear. When I see posts in social media about an ill child I feel pain and a sense of injustice. It sucks and I want to change it.  

What was the most inspirational encounter you’ve had as a musician?

It’s interesting, but the most inspirational thing for me as a musician was when I moved to Moscow and stopped meeting other musicians. When I had no acquaintances in the music industry and had no live band I’ve started making music like never before. In that moment I understood I can do everything by myself and thoughts about it were the most inspirational.

What are 5 things your life would be empty without?

My family, Music, Food, Internet, Travel. Sounds cheesy but it’s true hahaha. I know one thing that my life would not be empty without – it’s sleep! Why do humans need sleep? We could do much more without it.
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