Creative Merchandising ideas that fans will rave about

Creative Merchandising ideas that fans will rave about

The music industry has radically changed over the years, making it harder for independent artists to sustain a career in music. Artists just simply can’t sustain a career in music by just selling albums, since digital streaming services are becoming more and more popular. One popular way of artists earning money, however, is selling merchandise for fans.
On top of that merchandise is also an excellent way to spread the word about your band around. The question is how do you make sure that fans will buy your T-shirts?

Know your audience

In order to understand what makes a T-shirt a good T-shirt, you need to understand your audience. Why does your audience buy merchandise?
A fan can buy merchandise because of:
  • Support;
  • Souvenir;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Gift;
  • Design.
 By understanding better why your audience buys merchandise, and what kind of things they are into, you will optimize your sales.

Example of great merchandising

When I personally think about merchandise, I always have the progressive metal act Periphery in the back of my mind. The band clearly understands their target audience, often refer to video games, memes etc. in their merchandise.
When Christmas sweaters became more and more popular, metal bands immediately picked up on the hype, right on time for people to buy a Slayer Christmas Sweater or a Ghost Christmas Sweater. By following current fashion trends, you can pick up on what your audience might like in a sweater, hoodie or T-shirt.
The metal community is famous for drinking beer, that’s something that didn’t get by unnoticed by many metal bands, who now are also selling their own beer as well.
Sometimes bands put a lot of effort into the design of the T-shirts, which of course is then the primary reason for fans to buy the merchandise. A couple of examples from Soen:
Fans are also very likely to buy useful products that can last for a long time, such as totebags, cups, beanies etc.

Final Thoughts

Thinking through what you could offer your fans other than music, might help you in getting some extra cash to then invest in making more music and promoting your band.
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