Cracking the YouTube algorithm in 2020

Cracking the YouTube algorithm in 2020

Understanding the YouTube algorithm is crucial if you want to boost ranking, and grow your YouTube channel. Therefore, we dive into what the most aspects of YouTube’s algorithm in 2020 are. 
In general, YouTube’s algorithm supports engagements, so that means users must enjoy the videos they watch to stay longer. That’s why if you produce quality content that will keep your audience interested, you automatically get more engagement. 
To find out that data, YouTube tracks user activity on the platform from watched videos, to the time spent on a particular video, as well as measuring whether the user likes the video, dislikes or subscribes to the channel. By measuring all these, YouTube can easily calculate which videos are worth keeping at the top search for each user. 
With its five different sections, the algorithm can pick the most relevant content easily and rank it high for users to see: search, trending, subscriptions, home, and recommended videos. 
To be able to match each viewer’s wishes, you need to ensure your title, description, as well as the video’s content match what the specific viewer is searching. 
This section is designated for newt and popular videos. In this section, YouTube considers how many views a popular video has, and how quickly they grow. 
The more subscribers you have, the higher your channel’s video will rank. YouTube measures the active amount of subscribers who watched a new video from their subscribed channel.
Recommended videos:
The YouTube algorithm also tracks your history to understand what videos are relevant to its users. They bring up these videos to the user’s homepage according to how engaging the videos were other to other users that have a similar taste.

Putting theory into practice

So how can you use this information so that you can get the best possible amount of numbers? Here’s a list of things you need to lift up to the next level:
  • Use relevant keywords,
  • Use a custom thumbnail
  • Translate your video
  • Publish convincing content
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Use YouTube Analytics to monitor 

Final thoughts

By keeping the YouTube algorithm in the back of your mind, you can grow your YouTube channel easily by putting theory into practice. If you take care of these six items, your videos will not only get better views, you’ll be able to grow your channel! 
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