6 ways to promote your gig offline

6 ways to promote your gig offline

With the rise of social media, it is pretty easy nowadays to spread around the word of your concerts, you will at least get some people aboard who spotted your event on Facebook. The question may arise whether it is still important to advertise your event offline and more importantly how do you go about it?
In this article, we will give you some hands-on tips on what you can do during the zombie apocalypse when the internet is out to promote your gig and ensure that there will still be an audience there.

Word of mouth

The best kind of marketing is by letting the news of your concert travel from person to person. Word of mouth is possibly the best option still to convince people to come to gigs. Especially because we all know that pressing attending on Facebook doesn’t mean anything anymore nowadays.

Live performances

This one seems a little bit peculiar, but in order to get a bigger audience to your shows, it’s very important to play more of them. Each show might convert people who are only familiar with your music to diehard fans. Putting on an amazing show increases the chance that each of these fans tells their friends about your band, bringing them along to the next concert. Make sure to invite the press to your shows so that they can report about your performance, this might also bring some additional audience to your next event.

Have a small street performance

This is something that I have seen happening before, a band performing at a local square to advertise the gig they were having one of the following days. You attract an audience with your performance there, who might be wanting to come back for me. No, you don’t have to play your entire set, one or three songs should be enough to convince the audience of your worth. Always make sure you have permission to play at the spot you want to, depending on where and when you may require a license for it.


This perhaps doesn’t have anything to do with promoting your events, but in general, stickers can help you to raise more awareness about your band. They are a cheap and effective way to spread the word without having to do much effort. Think about the thousands of stickers you see in toilets at bars. If you have a catchy design, people will remember it and look your band up whenever they have the chance to do so.


Walking around any city or town is impossible without getting at least a couple of hundreds of visual impulses from advertisements all around. The posters that stand out, are the ones that you remember and maybe even feel like attending the concerts advertised. Posters are easy to print out and hang everywhere across town, in every relevant place that your target audience might hang out in. When you design a poster that attracts the attention of a passerby by having a catchy graphic design that stands out from the others, you’re sure that some of the people who walked past your poster, will attend your gig!


Flyers are also an effective way to promote your gig. Again, it’s very useful to hand out flyers at related events. Are you in a death metal band? Then why not hand out flyers at death metal gigs, both with big bands or small ones. People always look at what they are given and will save it, if it is something that is they might be interested in. Always make sure you have a catchy design and that you got permission from the event you are handing out flyers at.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of things you can do outside of setting up the event online and inviting all your friend on Facebook to promote your gig to a new audience. These are just a handful of tricks but the more creative you get, the more likely you will have a bigger crowd at your concert.
Hopefully, these tips will assist you in getting an audience during your shows. If you feel like this is something you need assistance with, we’d be more than happy to give you a hand, and you can reach out to us here.
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