5 YouTube Content Ideas for Musicians

5 YouTube Content Ideas for Musicians

Not only Facebook, Instagram and Spotify are good platforms to share your music ideas, YouTube is also a great opportunity for musicians to ensure their music is heard.
In this article we will give you some YouTube content ideas you can upload to your YouTube channel, other than music videos.


Whether you have your own band or not, fans will always be interested in seeing and hearing you play or sing music. Cover songs, therefore, a nice way for people to see where your musical interests are and how versatile you are as a musician.


Whether you are recording an album, or going on tour, or having a one-off show, your audience will always love to see exclusive moments that they don’t necessarily get to see. Behind-the-scenes open op an exclusive world to your fans and through them you are able to engage even more with them.


There are plenty of fans who are interested in playing the guitar riffs in your song, or the bass lines. Post tutorials and how-to-play videos for your fans to be able to learn your songs. After all, you’re the expert of your own music!

A Day in your life

Share a day in your life with your fans, you can either focus on your life as a musician or show them just a regular day in your life.


If you have any new material coming up, it’s always good to tease your audience with a taste of what you’re going to offer them. By talking more in detail about a song, album, or tour, your fans definitely will be hyped up.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are plenty of options to fill your YouTube channel, other than music or lyric videos. This way the audience will get an exclusive look in your lives, or will be able with your help to learn their songs. Using videos as part of your content strategy, will definitely boost your online presence and give you an advantage!
If you’re having trouble coming up with new and fresh YouTube content ideas, think about these options. You will be able to add fresh content ideas to your YouTube channe right away!
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