5 ways for artists to get better reach on Facebook

5 ways for artists to get better reach on Facebook

A couple of weeks back we wrote an article called ‘5 Tips to grow as an artist on Instagram’ which prompted the question: shouldn’t we also discuss about Instagram’s parent, Facebook? Although both platforms have been undergoing constant algorithm changes it seems that, somehow, Facebook is nowadays killing business pages considerably more than Instagram. Which is a shame, because Facebook is what we all use nowadays to keep in touch with our friends and with the nice Messenger integration it feels almost mandatory for most of us to be active on Facebook. Here’s what we found might help bring a jolt of life to your wonderful creative business pages!


Groups are your new best friend

Groups are a feature that only exists in Facebook, so why not take advantage of it? There are a bunch of specialised groups out there for all sorts of hobbies and interests so join and consider becoming an active member. There’s loads of perks to doing this, first and most obvious is that it’s a really easy way to share work from your business page to groups and get a new audience that will eventually migrate to your page. Another incentive to be an active part of groups is that you will become a trusted member of the community and your activity will be seen by a majority of members. Plus, making new contacts and friends can only be helpful in the long run, right? Also, keep an eye out for local groups niched towards your hobbies so you can make connections right in your area.


Share on your own page as well not only on the business page

One well-known thing that gives your posts more of a fighting chance is for them to receive engagement as soon as possible after they are online. To aid with that, why not share whatever you have posted on your business page on your personal one as well? Chances are your reach is a bit better on your personal page anyway, your contacts will get re-acquainted with your work and, if they like it, share it as well.


Create engaging text that will make people want to comment 

Like on Instagram, it’s all about generating engagement and it feels like nowadays the words engagement and reach are social media holy grails that are becoming unattainable. So what’s the easiest way to create engaging text without giving yourself a headache? Just asking your audience something can do wonders. It could be something related to the content (for example: ‘I was not sure how I feel about this element in the photo. What do you guys think, do I change it or keep it like this?’ ) you are posting directly or indirectly or just something random where you share a feeling and ask their opinion (‘I’m sensing a flu coming on, what are some of your go-to home remedies to make sure it doesn’t get worse?’ )


Analytics are often forgotten

Not as interesting as creating content and definitely not something very suited for the creative types, analytics are in reality a mini-treasure trove that page owners forget about. Unlike Instagram, which has a more user-friendly interface, Facebook’s Insights seem to be very randomly arranged and often you might find yourself clicking on something and not being sure what type of information is to be expected. Our advice is to keep with it because not only can analytics tell you so, so much about your audience but also give you tips of when they are most likely to see your posts, and offer information about how the past content has been performing so you can go further into details and see exactly what they like.


Use Facebook for networking

A lot of people in our creative circles have started creating a separate profile that is just for their artwork and keeping another private one for their close circle of friends and family. This is really great if you’d like to keep things separate and it also provides a clean slate for networking. But whether you choose to do something like this or not, the idea is the same: don’t shy away from using Facebook for networking. Don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow artists and build a nice connection with people you look up to and respect.


Bottom line is this: the more your work gets out there and is seen, the better your chances to grow and make an impact!


These are just some tips to get you started. We are always available to help you if this turns out to be too time consuming and you just want to focus on your art. You can reach us through the contact form on our landing page.
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