5 simple web design tips to make your website shine

5 simple web design tips to make your website shine

We see websites as business cards that creatives send potential customers to. Although they may feel antiquated, a website is often the first impression someone makes of you, so imagine them arriving at a deserted page full of error messages, badly optimized code and just an overall mess. Chances are, you may not get to make a second chance. We know most people are not web designers so here’s some easy tips to make your website shine!

Fonts are important

Unless you are an artist working with pictures, text needs to speak for you. Use no more than 3 fonts on your website and make sure they pair well together. For WordPress users, the Typography plugin is a necessity as it contains hundreds of beautiful options. Look for something without a lot of frill, easy to read and elegant.

Choose your colors carefully

Do not use overly bright neon colors because they are very distracting. We recommend Adobe Kuler which is a color wheel that will help you create color palettes. You can even upload your favorite picture and the software will use it to create a color palette for you.

Attention to detail is everything

We have seen a lot of websites that have been live for ages and a second after visiting them you can spot some buttons that don’t lead to where they should, broken links, etc. Before going live do a double check: try to click on everything and visit your website on multiple browsers, different computers, PC and Mac, as well as any device you have at hand. Surprises may arise which could affect the whole layout.

Think mobile first

Nowadays most people use their mobiles and tablets even more than their computers for browsing. What this means is that without a responsive design chances are people may not feel like returning to your website; especially after the first visit in which they struggled for 10 minutes to figure out where the button to make an appointment is and jumped through various hurdles.

Maintain a hierarchy

Our attention spans are crazy low nowadays so when updating your website try to put yourself in the shoes of a very annoyed person with little time on their hands. How long does it take you to figure out what you or your business represent? There is a need for hierarchy, most important information at the top and all crucial things somehow included in the homepage.
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