5 Projects to Improve Your Marketing Skills

5 Projects to Improve Your Marketing Skills

Nowadays, marketing comes together from more than 100 smaller different skill sets. One can’t be the best at all of them, but there are certain projects (that we thought might be really fun to try) that could help boost quite a few while still keeping your life interesting. Check out our suggestions below and leave a comment if we missed any!

Making a blog

Most people reading this article are quite good with at least one thing whether it is singing, writing, photographing etc. Creating a blog in which you share your art or your know-how is a great side project to improve multiple marketing skills such as your SEO knowledge, content creation and copywriting. Plus, it may look really good on your CV!

Experimenting with software from a new field

Nowadays it seems jobs for 1 person require you to have a variety of skills that in the past would have been required from 2 people or more. So why not get creative in a completely new field and learn something interesting? Experimenting with software such as Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Maya or Cubase (it really depends on your interests after all) will open up a new door when it comes to marketing for you will have one extra skill that could come in handy later.

Playing online video games

You can learn and have fun and online gaming communities are awesome for a couple of skills: first, you practice your networking in a non-threatening environment; second, often times in competitive games like Counter-Strike things get heated really fast so you will get to be immersed in situations perfect for developing your crisis management skills. Last but not least, it is a fact that video games improve not only your multitasking skills but also attention to detail and in the end they reverse mental decline due to aging. Win-win-win!

Reading about emotional intelligence

The definition of emotional intelligence is ‘ the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.’ This is actually something that does not only come in handy when we’re talking about marketing but also in day-to-day interactions, talking to people, working in groups. Emotional intelligence represents a key tool for artists to master because it will lead to a bigger network, successful collaborations and a respected reputation.

Setting goals for yourself and following through

The beginning of the year always comes with the cliché resolutions that people often joke about. However, there is a grain of wisdom in this practice. Treating a new year like a new canvas allows people to feel as if they are given a second chance. Yes, in reality nothing has actually changed, except the year we live in, the world seems to continue un-phased. However, armed with confidence and new motivations, people are given a boost. Setting attainable goals for oneself is key for internal growth and making sure you follow through with them will also extend in your professional life. It will teach you to be organized, research, and it will open your mind to new possibilities.

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