4 Video Promotion ideas in between releases

4 Video Promotion ideas in between releases

Some bands usually get lost in the process of how they can further spread the word about their music, without having to release something every year. Here are some promotion ideas for videos in between releases…

Creating video content to promote your lyrical content

Sabaton are just recently announced the news that they would start a YouTube channel dedicated to educate their fans about what their historical lyrics are about. Whether you have historical, or rather philosophical lyrics, fans often find it very interesting to know where you get your inspiration from and what specific songs from your repertoire are about.

Live sessions

Film a couple of your rehearsals, live sessions are very interesting for the fans to see how the song works in live situations.

Playthrough videos

A playthrough video of a song, is usually one of the band member’s playing the video on his instrument. The sound of the instrument then is augmented so that fans can focus on it. The good news is that you can make several of these playthrough videos, one for each instrument.


Whether you were filming a music video, or you went on tour, Behind-The-Scenes videos usually are a fun way for your audience to get to know you a little bit better.

Final Thoughts

With these four ideas, we hope to have helped you come up with some creative video content ideas for between releases. Of course, there are plenty of more possibilities. The sky is the limit.
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