4 Exclusive content ideas for your biggest fans

4 Exclusive content ideas for your biggest fans

Every band has them, those fans that have all of your music, know all the lyrics to your songs and are basically your biggest fans. They are the ones who will buy your albums, buy your merch and stand by your show to show.
A big part of marketing your band, is not only to attract new audiences to listen to your music, but it’s also engaging with your existing fans. That’s why it’s also important to provide exclusive content for your biggest fans, for example, those who are subscribed to your newsletter, or those fans who support you on platforms like Patreon, here are some tips on what you can share with them.

Sneak peeks

Are you releasing a new album soon? Give your biggest fans sneak peeks into the new songs, little snippets of musics, or behind-the-scenes footage of creating those songs can work really well in connecting even more with these fans.

News updates

Sharing special messages targeted to these supporters, can create an extra connection between you and the fans. Saying thank you once in a while can bring you a long way.

Special editions

This maybe goes for every kind of fan, but having special editions and bundles to buy your albums, are always a creative way to say thanks. By adding a limited edition T-shirt, or some other unique merch in a package with your album, you might convince people to buy your album even more so.

Meet & Greet

Take time to get to know your fans, not only is it a fun way to understand who is listening to your music, studies have shown that by bands being present at the merch stand after their show, their merch sales go significantly up.

Final thoughts

These are just a couple of ideas of what you could do offer to you biggest fans, to connect with them and engage with them, and make sure that they will stay with you during your whole career!
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