30 days of social media content for bands

30 days of social media content for bands

A lot of musicians approach us with the frustration that they don’t often really know what to post about. Other than sharing songs and music videos, they don’t really know what to post that offers any value to their fan base. Yet, it’s important to stay active when it comes down to social media.

In case you recognize yourself in the upper description, you shouldn’t worry all too much. Today, we want to share something with you that might help you come up with content for social media, even when you are experiencing a creative block. We have gathered 30 ideas which you can share, recycle.

By following these, we will give you material for posts for at least 10 weeks, even better, we are giving you the first 5 for free! If you want to unlock more posts, you can purchase the entire plan for only €25 by contacting us here.

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