Featured artist: Nico Hartonen

Featured artist: Nico Hartonen

In the past we have been writing all sorts of blog posts about all things marketing, tips, tricks, life hacks etc. In this path, we forgot about one thing though: the artists. In this series we are going to feature one artist at the time, who we think you should get to know better!
The first in line is Nico Hartonen, lead singer of RESOLUTION 13. RESOLUTION 13 is an industrial metal band from Helsinki, forged of experienced musicians from well-known and respected bands and projects on Finnish grounds. One of these musicians is Nico Hartonen, and we had a chance to ask him a couple of questions.
Photo by Janne Pappila with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself as a singer. What sorts of projects have you been involved with?

Well, The first full-length album release goes back to 1998, with my band D-RAY (used to be DISARRAY) and the debut album was called “Round One”. That got us really flying into the Finnish metal scene. I remember we toured with such bands like CHILDREN OF BODOM, BABYLON WHORES, BURY ME DEEP, CRYHAVOC, etc. Also, I have given my voice for HEVEIN, LULLACRY ( first it was called COARSE), DRIVE, DEADHEADS, LYNCHPIT (own project) and FIST OF GOD, a project with the lead singer/guitarist of AT THE HOLLOW’s Kalle Koo, who has also made most of my tattoos. Might be forgetting some, but those bands have a significant place in my vocal history. With GODSPLAGUE, we have done 4 full-length albums and if remember correctly, we were 7th in top 20 of the Official Finnish Single charts at best. Also we had this supergroup DIMEBAG BEYOND FOREVER, put together from various Finnish metal groups such as WINTERSUN, MOONSORROW, PROFANE OMEN, DEAD SHAPE FIGURE, NICOLE just to name few, we played and toured around Finland playing PANTERA as a charity for Finnish red cross’ “Rikosuhri päivystys” just for the love of our fallen brother Dime and because we just felt that it needed to be done.

What initially brought you into singing?

We had this band in high school called SELIBATH (laughs) and first I played drums, then bass, second guitar and since everybody had a bad case of puberty (read: voice cracking, high-pitched squealing etc.) and I was through that phase already,I kinda had to take the mic. I didn’t like to hear my voice at all, every time after some demo recording I freaked out. I still don’t fancy hearing my vocals nowadays, but I’m glad that it is better than way back then (laughs) I’m okay with it now, but it sounds so much different when you sing, than you hear it from the speakers.

Is there a record or a song that changed your life as a vocalist?

I have this triangle of records: STEVE VAI’s “Sex And Religion” with DEVIN TOWNSEND on the mic, FAITH NO MORE’s “Angel Dust” and PANTERA’s “Vulgar Display Of Power”. Those records have made a huge impact on my path of becoming a vocalist.

What was the most inspirational encounter you’ve had as a singer?

Hmm… A few years ago, I had the chance to do a playful face-to-face scream contest with this one Canadian goofball, DEVIN TOWNSEND at The Circus in Helsinki… (laughs) He is just one big sweetheart! And,of course, I’m a huge fan of his music.

What are the three things your life would be empty without?

Family, friends, and music. Without these, I wouldn’t be able to breathe.
Photo by Janne Pappila with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.⁣
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