10 surprising facts about marketing

10 surprising facts about marketing

It’s Friday so we wanted to create a cute little blog post to kickstart the weekend! Therefore, we scoured the net for the coolest 10 surprising facts about marketing. There’s obviously way more than 10 interesting tid-bits of info about this topic, but we picked the ones that we thought were most interesting. Check them out below and let us know in the comments YOUR surprising fact about marketing!

Less attention span than a goldfish

Source: Mediakix.com
One second worse than the famous goldfish attention span, the average consumer attention span Is 8 Seconds. We have reached a point where we are 106% more likely to abandon a page if the load speed is six seconds. This means speed is the name of the game with all types of online content in order to keep users on your page.

The first email

Source: Mashable.com
The first email with the @ symbol was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomilinson. @ symbolised that the message was sent to a human and not a machine.

Al Pacino is everywhere

Source: Mashable.com
Originally, Facebook was known as The Facebook. Its homepage featured a picture which was revealed to be a photo manipulation of Al Pacino.

Google’s First Tweet

Source: OMGFacts.com
In 2009 Google sent its first tweet with the binary code for ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’.

The original Genie

Source: Wikipedia.org
For his role in ‘Aladdin’ as The Genie, Robin Williams asked that his name and image will not be used in the animation’s marketing and that his character will not occupy more than 25% of space on ads. Disney went back on its promise to guarantee box office success.

KFC is big in Japan

Source: ABC News
KFC is a traditional Christmas dinner food in Japan due to a 4 decades old marketing campaign. It’s gotten so popular that customers have to order their Christmas food months in advance.

Friends with benefits

Source: SeriousEats.com
Continuing with the fast food chain facts, Burger King launched a 2019 campaign in which they were handing out free whoppers in exchange for unfriending 10 people on Facebook. To make matters worse, the unfriended users would receive a message in which they were told that their friendship is less valuable than a whopper.

Unsecure website = less sales

Source: ModernTechnolab
84% of people will abandon a purchase if they’re dealing with an unsecure website. Websites that are not https are considered ‘not secure’ by Google and potential customers deem them unsafe. To keep on the safe side as a business, consider getting an SSL website certificate.

Too sales pitchy

Source: Marketing Week
Careful with how you phrase your content to attract customers! 71% of users say they were turned off by content that seems like a sales pitch as it creates a low level of trust. The solution is to create high-quality content full of information.

Optimization is important

Source: Customerthink.com
Emails not optimized for mobile devices get deleted by 80.3% of users. In fact, marketing statistics have shown that 20-75% of emails are opened on mobile devices so think and look twice before sending out an e-mail.
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