How to tackle a creative block

How to tackle a creative block

Creative blocks are the absolute worst! Imagine working on a creative job for a client with a looming deadline and suddenly all your inspiration seems to have magically vanished. There must be something you can do right? In this article we cover 5 of our favorite ways to bring back the muses in time to meet that deadline. Check it out below!

Take a step back / try a digital detox

It may feel counterproductive when all you want to do is work but the problem is that forcing yourself to be creative will result in frustration and unnecessary mental unease. Don’t force it! Taking a step back and perhaps even getting away from all digital devices will open your eyes to the world around and perhaps also open the door to creativity again!

Get inspired by other art

One thing that always does the trick for us is to surround ourselves with all kinds of artworks from different artists in different mediums: watch a cool movie, visit an art museum, check out what your favourite artists have been up to on Instagram, etc. The idea here is not to compare ourselves to the others and put ourselves down. Pinterest is particularly exceptional at getting our creative juices flowing as you can create boards and once you curate a few photos in a certain style the algorithm will pick up on what you may like to see next.

Tap into a different kind of creative work

A change of tack is to put yourself in the shoes of an artist who works in a different medium. For example, if you’re a painter try photography, if you’re a digital artist try writing, etc. You will gain a new perspective and perhaps a window will open revealing fresh creative air.

Come up with many solutions..

..not just one. What is it that you have to do and what are the rational next steps? Urged to list 20 possible next moves, your mind will stop fretting over finding the one perfect one.

Take your mind away by doing chores

Yes, we know no one truly enjoys doing chores but the idea is simple: doing something repetitive that you have done hundreds of times before will clear your mind for a while allowing you to take a step back and reassess things a bit later.
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