Giveaway ideas for artistic brands

Giveaway ideas for artistic brands

Giveaways represent an amazing way of giving back to the community represented by your followers. We all love freebies and the coolest part about these is that you can go from deeply personal to just wanting to express your gratitude in a more formal way! If you’re lacking ideas, here’s some inspiration with some universal as well as some ideas for specific types of artists.

Universal – Phone call/Face to face meeting

Let’s start with a personal one: a phone call or even arranging a face to face meeting with one or more of your loyal followers could not only create a strong bond but it will also show you really care about the people supporting you and your brand. Of course, these things often depend on where you are located/where your audience is, how much time you have available and all those things but the logistics are up to you to figure out!

Universal – Merch

Merch is a universal awesome merch idea which can easily be transferred to many different fields of artistry. From bands, to photographers, graphic designers, tattoo designers etc. Merch is easy to create and not only it creates a unique product (maybe even a one of a kind one) but it also spreads the word about your work when your followers rock it wherever they go! 

Visual Artists – Signed Prints

If you are a visual artist, signed prints are a fun and popular giveaway idea! The benefits are that these can travel anywhere around the world and are often (depending on size, material, finish) inexpensive. Adding your signature with a personal message will make it extra special! Furthermore, you can go as far as to offer a giveaway in which the prize is a print of the winner’s choice in which case you allow your followers to be in control.

Designers – Item designed by you

If you are a designer, giving away an item created by you is a really fun idea and for this one the sky is really the limit: things can range from giving away an item that you create in the size of the winner all the way to working side by side with the winner to create a new item together. 

Bands – A few ideas

If you are in a band, there’s many ways to show your gratitude to your followers but here’s a few thoughts off the top of our heads: tickets to special shows (if you are in a bigger band they could even be VIP tickets), a special meet and greet (before a show or something more unique like going out to dinner with a lucky fan), including one or more of your followers in a new project (featuring them in an upcoming music video for example), etc. 

Tattoo artist – Gift card

Tattoos are expensive and it may be difficult to offer a whole piece in a giveaway especially if you are specialised in big designs. One thing you could offer without breaking the bank is a gift card for a certain amount of money. This will also create an incentive for them to get more pieces from you so win win! 
These are just a few of our ideas, but we have many more where these came from! If you need assistance developing your creative brand consider asking us for our thoughts by sending us an email! You could also subscribe to our free newsletter and get useful tips and tricks once a month!

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