Essentials your band’s website should have

Essentials your band’s website should have

Even though people often think that websites are thing of the past, the truth is that a lot of people still rely on a website to give them more information about your band. An updated website with all the necessary information about your band, is also very useful for the press to discover more about your music before they write up that article about you! Let’s check what’s essential for you to put on your website.


One of the first things that should be in place on your website, is an updated biography in the about section. Always make sure that this is up-to-date, you can connect it to any upcoming release. It can be the same text that you have drafted for your EPK, just make sure that it doesn’t look like it came straight out of Wikipedia, and ensure it is a brief overview of the band.


The tour section of the page should answer the question where fans can see you live. It’s very easy to use BandsInTown as a platform and then embed that on your website, it will give a nice overview of upcoming and past dates!


In the media section of the website you can basically share everything that you think the fans might enjoy, your music videos, discography, lyrics, old demos. Be creative!


A lot of bands of course also have detailed pages about the band itself, who are the people behind the songs? Each band member can have a dedicated page where they can talk a little bit more about themselves.

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