Cerulean Midnight is the brainchild of 2 lady photographers and music webzine owners, with over 10 years of experience and studies in the fields of marketing, social media, PR, and sales.

We wish to help other artists succeed in their fields of expertise without having the marketing and PR know-how. Bottom line, we do the grunt work while you keep focusing on the most important thing: your art!

Laureline Tilkin

Laureline has an academic background in photography, contemporary art and  (visual) communications. 
Having worked for numerous startups in the field of content creation and communications, she understands the struggle of being an artist without the necessary know-how oF how to market yourself. 
Aside from being a freelance photographer, with a vast amount of experience in different areas, laureline started her own online music magazine Tuonela Magazine in 2017. 
In one year the magazine gained a lot of visibility and she has had the opportunity to work with a lot of great bands & other artists.

Alexändra Sleäze

Alexändra graduated from an ‘International Media and Entertainment Management’ degree from The Netherlands with a thesis written on social media reach and engagement.
After living 3 years in the Netherlands, she relocated to Finland. Here she worked in growth hacking, marketing and sales, which gave her the understanding of how creatives could make their brand skyrocket. 
On the side, she has kept busy being a  freelance photographer specialised in alternative fashion, where more than one of her shots went viral, and taking photos for her webzine Metaloud.