5 Fun Social Media Content Ideas to Spice Up Your Feed – Part 2

5 Fun Social Media Content Ideas to Spice Up Your Feed – Part 2

Managing any artistic brand often comes together with struggles. One of the hardest parts is to maintain your social media and come up with fresh social media posts, when all you’d rather do is create. Your audience looks to your pages not only because they like your work, but because you provide them quality content. It certainly can be challenging but we’re here to provide some fresh ideas!

Memes and gifs

Why so serious? The world is a dark place as is so why not brighten up your followers’ day by posting something lighthearded? It can be something relevant to your type of art/genre of music/etc, it could be you making fun of yourself in a relatable way, or just something you found online that you think your followers will also find amusing. As a bonus, these kinds of posts often tend to do quite well and have a high shareable factor!
The progressive metal band White Walls is actively using memes in their social media with great success

Give your followers the control

It’s really difficult to have to come up with the best social media feed all by yourself and often you may sit and wonder: ‘what do people want to see?’ So why not ask them? It can be as straightforward as making a poll and giving people options to choose from, but it can also be super whimsical and fun; for example, if you are a makeup artist you can ask your followers to pick the makeup items of your next look, if you are a photographer, you could ask your followers to pick a concept for you that you then have to execute, etc. It can definitely make you go out of your comfort zone, but you will get to flex your creative muscles in a unique way and fans will understand that their input really matters.

Let your followers in and create a unique bond

You may feel that your page should be business only but it helps to show your ‘human’ side to your followers. Did you watch something that really made an impact on you? Did you listen to a new song that is stuck in your head? Feel free to share those things with them and ask for their opinion as well. You will create a unique bond and they will learn to not only care for your art but also for the person behind it.

Start vlogging

This one requires a bit more of an effort on your part and is a more specific example of the point above. Vlogging is really easy to do (all you realistically need is your phone) and is a great way to visually show parts of your life to your followers. Are you in a band and on tour? Make a vlog about it! Are you a painter working on your latest piece? Vlog it! Are you a photographer on your way to a shoot in a cool location? Why not vlog it? Show people what goes into your work and let them discover more of you in the process.
German industrial metal band Lord Of The Lost have their own TV Of The Lost where they document as much as possible from their tours

Holiday posts

We’re talking about any holidays that appeal to you. Making posts targeted for certain holidays will get you a lot of attention and will show your audience you are hands-on and care about what’s happening.
Finnish tattoo studio Krunikan Leima showing their appreciation for Pride Week
If you’re having trouble coming up with new and fresh social media content ideas, just think about these options. You will be able to spice up your feed right away!
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